Shenzhen 2014 Restocking cum fishery resources off the fish
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Shenzhen 2014 Restocking cum fishery resources off the fish released in Shekou, Nanshan District
     Shenzhen 2014 Restocking cum fishery resources off the fish released in Shekou, Nanshan District Festival will be held on fishing pier on June 6 , the event is organized by the Shenzhen Special Economic Trade and Information Technology Commission organized ; Shenzhen Municipal Fisheries Service in Fisheries Extension Center , Shenzhen Fisheries industry Association Sponsor .
    Heart problems of living aquatic resources
    According to City Fisheries Service and Fisheries Extension Center experts, releasing the proliferation of aquatic organisms is put seed or broodstock activities to the oceans, rivers, lakes and other public waters by artificial means . Proliferation releasing effect is very good . The first aspect is that by releasing the proliferation of groups can complement and restoration of biological resources , through the proliferation of releasing artificially supplement these biological resources into the water , thus increasing the resources to improve the population structure of organisms , but also to maintain biological diversity. Some endangered species , or native species of fish and shrimp economy is now very little water inside , these species are protected , by the proliferation of ways that we can increase the discharge of its quantity , played for these endangered fish species or economic class protection. The second aspect is that the proliferation of discharge water quality and can improve the ecological environment and waters . Depending on the breed discharge , its role is not the same , some of filter-feeding species such as we are now releasing , such as some fish , shellfish, they can be filtered drinking water algae and plankton , through this action can purify and improve water quality. The third aspect , the proliferation of discharge has good social benefits, by releasing the proliferation of activities carried out to expand the social impact , so that people from all walks of society have to pay attention to this cause , so that we can care about living aquatic resources, as well as its ecological and environmental problems .
    Offshore fishery resources are overexploited
    For a long time , economic development and resource development activities in coastal and river basin areas of natural waters on the ecological environment caused a greater impact , all kinds of aquatic wildlife habitat destruction , endangered been increasing, coupled with over- fishing , etc. factors , coastal and inland waters ( rivers, lakes , etc. ) of fishery resources severe recession , the economy drastically reduce the number of natural fish populations , fishing yields, individual weight decreased . Monitoring results show that the offshore fishery resources have been overexploited . Especially in terms of the proliferation of discharge , there is a big gap between needs and resources put the number of stream restoration , if the lack of participation of the whole society , resources decline , deteriorating environmental trends will be difficult to be fundamentally reversed.
    Preservation of the marine ecological balance
    According to City Fisheries Service and Fisheries Technology Extension Station in charge, discharge is the proliferation of wild fish, shrimp , crab, shellfish and other artificial propagation , cultivation or harvesting the natural seed grown under artificial conditions , fishery resources devoted to appear decline in natural waters to natural populations to recover, then a reasonable way to capture fisheries . With the impact of the Shenzhen Special Economic development, marine sewage , Shenzhen fishing utilization of living marine resources available to reduce the number of species and to protect the marine and maintain species richness of marine biological diversity and marine resources has become a priority with the fisheries authorities of . From 1987 to 2013 the organization of releasing fry 339,251,100 , sea fish 16420000 , Clam 196 tons , scallops 25,000,000 ; community donations fry 1500000 , 7110000 shrimp , abalone seedlings 18000 , the restoration of fishery resources , maintaining the ecological balance of the sea has played a certain role. Restocking annual activities have also been more and more attention and participation of the community , with a certain degree of social influence.
    City Commission by letter of party members and the public to volunteer to participate in "closed release Festival"
    In Shekou fishing held this year on June 6 , Shenzhen 2014 fishery resources proliferation releasing cum "closed release Day" activities, both emphasize scientific discharge , but also to highlight respect for life , respect for nature , respect for ecology , the pursuit of man in harmony with nature symbiosis of philosophy and culture, but also reflects the active participation of all sectors of society masses , making a simple aquatic conservation action become a common concern of the whole society to participate in social and cultural welfare activities , I believe that the general public will be more and more Welcome .

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