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The fourth quarter of 2014 continued to be a stable period for Turkish seabass and seabream producers. Average prices (domestic and export) for both species were steady, while the New Year vacation in Europe boosted exports in late December. Seabream sales were strong for 300-400 and 400-600 g fish during December and 2013 generation seabream stocks have now been fully harvested. In Greece, meanwhile, companies continue to focus on debt servicing strategies and corporate restructuring in an attempt to return to profitability. Higher international prices for seabream, the primary export species, have eased pressure on margins even though Greece has exported less fish overall this year compared with last year. For bass, the situation is somewhat less positive, as the average export price this year for fresh whole fish is lower than 2013, and volumes are approximately flat as of September. This is no doubt related to the greater penetration of cheaper Turkish seabass into traditionally Greek markets than there has been in the case of seabream. Greek producers have been somewhat relieved by the resilience of the Italian market this year but  Spain, the UK, Germany and the USA have all substantially increased the proportion of Turkish-origin imports, while boosted Russian demand following the import ban has been an extremely lucrative development for Turkish exporters.
In the short term, the usual cyclical pattern should see prices for both bass and bream trend upwards in early 2015. In the longer term, juvenile production data for the major bass and bream producers suggest that production growth, for at least the next two years, will be approximately flat for seabream and likely negative for seabass. The future effect on the market is difficult to predict precisely, but strong growth in many emerging markets and evidence of slow recovery in many established ones suggests that demand is now outstripping supply. This should see prices rise in turn. 

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