FAO Globefish Reports - Oysters, clams, cockle, ark shells - June 2015
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The international trade for oysters in 2014 was rather stable compared with 2013, while clams, cockles and ark shells has slightly increased


Global trade
In 2014, world international trade of oysters is estimated at 52 000 to 54 000 tonnes, which is a rather stable amount compared with 2013.
The USA, Japan and Hong Kong SAR are the three main importing countries, taking 19%, 13% and 12% of world imports respectively. France, the fourth largest importer, bought 800 tonnes more in 2014 compared with the previous year (+15%). The main suppliers are the Republic of Korea, with 9 300 tonnes (18% market share) followed by China (16%) and France (16%).
Pacific oysters from the Australian company Angel Oysters have been approved for the Friend of the Sea environmental certification. The company’s oysters are farmed in the waters of Smoky Bay, a coastal hamlet on the South Australian Eyre Peninsula. The company already holds the ecolabel NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) Certified Organic.

Clams, cockle, ark shells

The international trade for clams, cockles and ark shells has slightly increased in 2014 compared with 2013, with total imports growing by 4.7% to reach 254 800 tonnes.
The Republic of Korea, the number one importer in this market, purchased 73 000 tonnes in 2014, an 18.9% increase over the previous year. Together with Japan, the Republic of Korea import over half of world total imports (54 %).
China is the unbeatable exporter in this market, with 154 800 tonnes sold in 2014, representing 64% of global exports of these molluscs. The Republic of Korea is the second largest supplier, though it provides no more than 5% of the world market share.

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