European Price January 2015--BIVALVES
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Prices for mussels of Spanish origin are slightly higher this month compared with the month of December. This is particularly true for large sizes (20-25 pc/kg and 25-30 pc/kg) and is a consequence of the lack of supply following the end-of-year peak consumption period for these products. For other sizes, prices are reported to be approximately stable.
On the French market, both French and Dutch mussels are widely available. Some Irish mussels are also present on the market and their availability is expected to increase in January. Spanish galloprovincialis mussels continue to be offered as a low price option.
The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) reports that in December (the month during which half of the production is sold) this year the average consumer price for medium-caliber cupped oyster reached a new record level at EUR 10.07/dozen. Oyster prices continue to increase due to reduced supply. However, it is reported that large-sized oysters are more abundant this year due to a warmer autumn and to the lack of exports to the Russia Federation which is a traditional market for large sizes: n°1 and n°2. 

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