NGOs and seafood sector claim clear labelling laws
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NGOs and seafood sector claim clear labelling laws

AUSTRALIA :For the first time, environmental and industry groups in Australia have joined forces to claim Australian federal authorities clear seafood labelling, after a consult has been launched by the government to boost the country’s food labelling laws.

The statement signatories — – including Greenpeace and the Northern Territory Seafood Council — have taken this step in an attempt to ensure all seafood is properly labelled so that Australians can support local and sustainable seafood, as it is explained in the document consulted by

“Australian seafood is highly valued because of the combination of quality, diversity and management credentials attributed to it. Yet, currently restaurants and takeaways are exempt from country of origin labelling requirements. Diners typically have no way of knowing where their seafood comes from,” pointed out Greenpeace CEO David Ritter.

“There is no logical argument why consumers get told the country of origin when they shop for seafood at the supermarket, but not when they dine out or get a take away,” added Ritter.

In addition, Northern Territory Seafood Council Chairman Rob Fish argued that Australian consumers “are not getting what they think they are paying for”. He also remarked that the Australian seafood industry is losing access to the restaurant market.

Apart from calling for country of origin labelling in restaurants and takeaway stores – as recommended by a recent Senate inquiry, the statement demands the adoption of mandatory use of the Australian Fish Names Standard. A move that would remove ambiguity from menus and labels, ensuring consumers are getting the species of seafood they expect.

“We need accurate labelling so we know what fish we are eating and where it was caught to ensure it’s healthy, sustainable and supporting local fishermen,” Ritter concluded.

The “alliance” which has issued the statement to government for better seafood labelling, includes Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Zoos Victoria, Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Sealife Trust, the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA), the Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA), the Commonwealth Fisheries Association, Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi, Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-op, the Professional Fishermen’s Association, Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Traffic International, Walker Seafood Australia and the NT Seafood Council. FIS

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