Tilapia export growth projected for 2016
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Tilpia specimen (Photo: Stock File)HONDURASTuesday, November 08, 2016,22:20 (GMT + 9)Among Latin American countries,

Tilpia specimen. (Photo: Stock File)


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Tuesday, November 08, 2016, 22:20 (GMT + 9)


Among Latin American countries, Honduras continues to be the largest exporter of fresh tilapia to the United States, according to official data from the Agribusiness Unit of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).

According to the latest record of 2015, Honduras last year exported 20.39 million pounds of tilapia worth USD 60.36 million, despite the high temperatures that were caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

To date, the year when tilapia exports reached the highest levels was 2014, when sales abroad reached 22 million pounds and USD 74 million.

The director of the National Program for Agri-Food Development (PRONAGRO), Orlando Caceres, says that tilapia has enormous potential, and the profitability of its cultivation contributes to the increase in the number of producers in this sector.

Tilapia export figures continue to be positive for the country, and ministerial authorities are in contact with foreign investors interested in Honduran tilapia, Caceres added.

For this year, the sector expects to export around 21 million pounds of fresh tilapia, which would represent about USD 70 million in foreign exchange.

Currently, tilapia is grown on 560 hectares in more than 3,000 ponds, and there are also floating cages that cover 26 hectares on Lake Yojoa, in Nacaome dam and the reservoir of El Cajon dam, reported Radio HRN.

The main markets for Honduran tilapia are the United States, Europe and Asia, and the range of products shipped abroad includes fresh or chilled whole tilapia, whole frozen tilapia, fresh tilapia fillets, dried and salted fillets or in non-smoked brine.


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