White gut virus hits Nellore shrimp farmers
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Vannamei shrimp (Photo: Stock File)INDIAMonday, May 15, 2017,23:50 (GMT + 9)Shrimp aqua farmers in Nellore, in th

Vannamei shrimp. (Photo: Stock File)


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Monday, May 15, 2017, 23:50 (GMT + 9)


Shrimp aqua farmers in Nellore, in the state of Andra Pradesh, have experienced huge losses due to the white gut virus (WGV) outbreak, affecting the L Vannamei shrimp variety.

As a result, only 35-40 count has been obtained compared to the expected 100 count, therefore, incurring a loss of INR 300 (USD 4.6) per count, The Hans India reported.

This shrimp variety is being farmed in around 8,600 hectares in the authorised ponds and 6,500 hectares in unauthorised ponds in the district, where aquaculture has taken up around 9,500 hectares and 6,700 farmers have been cultivating in fresh and brackish waters.

L Vannamei farming has been a major crop mainly in Kota, Vakadu, Muthukur, T P Gudur, Chitamur, Chillakkuru, Manubolu, Venkatachalam, Indukurpet, Kovur, Kodavalur and Vidavalur in Nellore division.

According to a senior official from the Fisheries Department, white gut virus attacks the shrimp due to poor hygienic conditions in the pond and due to the bad water quality.

The virus attacks the shrimp at early stages of within sixty days and the shrimp automatically stops taking feed.

The crustaceans experiencing this disease normally lose weight until reaching 5 grams, compared to the requested 8-9 grams, and can die if producers do not take effective measures.

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