A Fly is Turning Waste into a Sustainable Fish-Free Feed
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WORLDWIDEWednesday, April 19, 2017People care about the ingredients that go into their food We want pasture-raised


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

People care about the ingredients that go into their food. We want pasture-raised eggs, organic grass-fed beef, and pesticide-free produce. We scan food labels for fake sugars, corn syrup and other additives. But beyond hoping for “best” or “good alternatives” when making our seafood choices, we don’t think much about the ingredients used to feed the farmed-fish we eat. That is

changing, and efforts like the F3 (Fish Free-Feed) Challenge are helping to bring high-quality and sustainable choices to our dinner plate.

We should care what we are feeding fish for a number of reasons. First is cost. The cost of fishmeal and fish oil derived from wild-caught fish, small oily forage fish like Peruvian anchovy or menhaden, rise and fall like gas prices based on their abundance at any given time.

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