SFP welcomes Publix commitment to seafood transparency
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UNITED STATESTuesday, April 04, 2017SFPwelcomedPublix’s move to publish a list of all of the fisheries used


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

SFP welcomed Publix’s move to publish a list of all of the fisheries used within the company’s seafood department to source wild seafood, along with information on management, catch method, and environmental impact. The data disclosure exercise – part of the SFP Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) – is the first time a US company has made such a comprehensive report and represents a dramatic increase in corporate transparency.

“Publix’s seafood sustainability philosophy is to provide transparency for our customers while engaging with our suppliers to drive change in the seafood industry,” said Maria Brous, Director of Media and Community Relations. “Sustainability is about continuous improvement. SFP and Publix have shared values and vision for a more sustainable seafood future. Through our collaboration on the Ocean Disclosure Project, we are able to evaluate our current sustainability landscape, prioritize our impact, and support the supply chain from the fishermen to the processors through fishery improvement projects, allowing us to ultimately offer our customers more of the options they are looking for.”

Commenting on the publication of the report, Kathryn Novak, Director of Buyer Engagement for SFP, said:

“This is a truly impressive commitment and represents a significant step forward in corporate reporting on sustainable seafood. Consumers, the public, investors, and other stakeholders can now see for themselves where Publix sources seafood, how the fish are caught, and how well the resource is managed. With this announcement, we feel Publix has taken a leadership role in seafood sustainability.”

Press Release: SFP

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