'Worrying web of connections' between MPI and fishing industry - Greenpeace
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NEW ZEALANDTuesday, April 04, 2017AGreenpeaceinvestigation has revealed the true extent of the powers that theMinist


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Greenpeace investigation has revealed the true extent of the powers that the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has given the fishing industry to self-regulate and report on its own performance.

The months-long investigation shows that MPI is paying FishServe (Commercial Fisheries Services Ltd), a company controlled and owned by a powerful fishing industry lobby group, to collect data, manage so called "public registers", register and unregister vessels, monitor overfishing and quota holdings, and even provide Official Information Act (OIA) responses in place of MPI.

The discovery comes on the back of the controversial revelation last May that MPI had awarded the contract for video camera monitoring of fishing vessels to Trident, an entity owned by several of New Zealand’s largest and most powerful fishing companies.

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