AquaChile denies massive layoffs at Puerto Montt plant
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Salmon processing plant (Photo: AquaChile)CHILEFriday, January 06, 2017,01:50 (GMT + 9)AquaChilestates that the salm

Salmon processing plant. (Photo: AquaChile)

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Friday, January 06, 2017, 01:50 (GMT + 9)


AquaChile states that the salmon processing plant it owns in the Cardonal sector, in Puerto Montt commune, continues to operate normally and maintains the same work shifts as in previous weeks.

Such was informed through a statement, to deny the rumours that circulated in the morning of this Thursday about the alleged dismissal of the near 600 workers of the plant.

In contrast, the company confirmed that there are 283 contracts ended by term expiration or completion of the agreed work.

"The salmon farming activity has seasonalities owing to the production cycles, which require permanent adjustments throughout the year, just like other activities that work with natural resources," AquaChile’s leaders explained.

In addition, they noted that many of those 283 workers "will have first priority when new hires are required," because they have served in previous seasons.

The company also said that for this spring-summer season it has hired 1,361 workers, aiming to "fulfil the various tasks of the time, as has been customary for many years."


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