Resolution excluding squid trawlers repealed
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Squid jigger (Photo: FIS)ARGENTINAMonday, November 28, 2016,09:50 (GMT + 9)TheFederal Fisheries Council(CFP) has fin

Squid jigger. (Photo: FIS)


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Monday, November 28, 2016, 09:50 (GMT + 9)


The Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) has finally gone back on a controversial ruling excluding trawlers from squid fishing after receiving strong criticism from entrepreneurs from Mar del Plata and trade unions.

CFP members agreed to repeal Resolution 14/16, which stated that "squid (Illex argentinus) capture as a target species can only be carried out through the use of jiggers", thereby preventing the trawler fleet from continuing to operate in this fishery.

For trawlers, only a maximum Illex squid by-catch of 20 per cent of total catches per set was considered.

At the meeting held on Thursday, November 24, CFP members unanimously agreed that "it is timely and convenient" to rescind Resolution No. 14 and proceeded to sign a new resolution, No. 16/2016.

The entrepreneurs and trade unions that were affected by the previous resolution had demanded the top authorities of the sector that the controversial resolution would be without effect. They argued that apart from having legal inconsistencies, the measure would lead to a shortage of fresh squid in the domestic market and damages to the plants that process this cephalopod on land.


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