Albertsons strengthens responsible seafood goals
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Canned tuna (Photo: Albertsons)UNITED STATESThursday, November 03, 2016,01:50 (GMT + 9)Food and drug retailerAlberts

Canned tuna. (Photo: Albertsons)


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Thursday, November 03, 2016, 01:50 (GMT + 9)


Food and drug retailer Albertsons Companies has undertaken a new Responsible Seafood Policy in an attempt to provide customers with the highest-quality, traceable seafood from environmentally and socially responsible sources.

The company including over 2,300 stores pointed out this new policy enables them to expand the existing program beyond fresh and frozen seafood to include shelf-stable tuna (canned and vacuum-sealed), as well as sushi sold from their delis.

"Shelf-stable tuna, social responsibility and traceability are the most challenging issues in sustainable seafood today, and our team is tackling them head on," said Buster Houston, Group Director of Seafood at Albertsons Companies.

Houston also stressed that apart from defining a course for the sustainability efforts at the company, it is also a pivotal moment for the seafood industry as a whole.

“Even though the issues are complex, we cannot shy away from seeking out solutions because it's what being responsible stewards of our resources is all about," the executive commented.

The company also set a large-scale ‘Top 20 by 2022’ goal for fresh and private-label frozen seafood, whereby 100 per cent of the top 20 wild and farmed seafood products sold at Albertsons Companies’ stores will meet the Responsible Seafood Policy by year-end 2022.

The firm’s sources explained that this commitment means that 94 per cent of products by volume sold in service cases and freezers will be either green- or yellow-ated, which are the highest ratings given by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. It is certified to an equivalent environmental standard or sourced from fisheries or farms making measurable and time-bound improvements.

The company has carried out Albertsons this effort in partner with FishWise, a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy based in Santa Cruz, CA.

“We are proud of Albertsons Companies,” said Ashley Greenley, Project Director at FishWise. “Their new policy builds on the progress and momentum we achieved over the years with their team and sets a high standard for the next generation of comprehensive retailer commitments.”

As part of this project, in the coming months, the consultancy will work closely with Albertsons Companies to develop ambitious, yet achievable time-bound goals for sushi and shelf-stable tuna.

Albertsons Companies recognizes that many of the challenges in seafood sustainability are bigger than one company, and as such, remains committed to working with non-governmental organizations, suppliers and leaders in the seafood industry and other sectors to improve transparency in seafood supply chains and to protect the oceans and people who depend on them.


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