Technology to mitigate fraud in complex supply chains
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UK - The mislabelling of fish is estimated to be as high as 60% within the industry food service sector in some parts of Europe, and is an issue with worrying consequences. Young’s Seafood Ltd is the leading seafood processor in the UK they use more than thirty species, sourced from five continents and prepare over 8oo million seafood meals for the UK consumer each year. Species substitution, species adulteration and extension of product through additives and water retention have been identified as the most common types of fraud. Young’s have adopted new technology in order to further protect the consumers for building on its previous testing regime. The company’s investment in AB Sustain’s ‘Think.Fish’, a species and proximate analysis tool, which uses Near Infrared Reflectance to accurately identify content of incoming raw materials, is their response to the mislabeling issue. NIR technology has been in use at Young’s for 20 years, it’s a rapid method and enables testing at the point of analysis when the fish arrives. Think.Fish uses this technology and has applied a species identifier aspect to it. The Think.Fish technology gives an extremely quick indication that the fish being supplied is what it says it can test 100% of raw material supplies and can be used on the factory floor, it is non-destructive and produces results within seconds, without having to select random samples and wait for as long as a month for lab testing data.

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