Sardine fishery closed for Galician purse fleet
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Sardine catch landings in Galicia (Photo: Juan Murias Copyright: FIS)SPAINWednesday, October 11, 2017,00:20 (GMT +

Sardine catch landings in Galicia. (Photo: Juan Murias/Copyright: FIS)


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 00:20 (GMT + 9)


The General Secretariat of Fisheries decreed the closure of the sardine fishery in Iberian waters for the purse seine sector and the fleet of xeito, after they exhausted the quota for the species only two weeks after its reopening.

Since Tuesday, vessels of the two segments can not catch sardines in areas VIIIc (from the Bay of Biscay to Fisterra) and IXa (south of Fisterra), but they are authorized to unload the quantities they fished and declared before the closure date.

"We were surprised by the measure because only ten days at sea have gone by since the reopening," Andrés García, a spokesperson for the Purse Seiner Owners' Association of Galicia (ACERGA), told La Opinion de A Coruña.

It should be recalled that the Fisheries Secretariat authorized the sardine capture on September 25, with a limit of 1,000 kilos per boat and week until the total quota for the year was exhausted.

According to the representative of the Galician purse seiners, very few vessels reached the limits because they did not carry out directed fishing. He also said that fishermen had hoped that the remaining 240 tonnes of the 3,600 tonnes available for the Northwest Cantabrian fleet this year would not be exhausted so quickly.

On the other hand, the Galician leader emphasized that the prices were good, and that the box of 15 kilos was being sold for a price between EUR 20 and EUR 30.

Spain and Portugal manage the sardine fishery jointly and set a limit of 17,000 tonnes of catches until November 30 for both countries in order to prevent Brussels from establishing total allowable catches (TACs).

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