AquaChile seeks partner to produce tilapia in Mexico
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Farmed tilapia (Photo: ICA)CHILEWednesday, November 09, 2016,23:40 (GMT + 9)The important salmon farming companyAqua

Farmed tilapia. (Photo: ICA)


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Wednesday, November 09, 2016, 23:40 (GMT + 9)


The important salmon farming company AquaChile, which also participates in tilapia farming business through its operations in Costa Rica and Panama, intends to begin producing tilapia in Mexico.

According to Diario Financiero, the executives of the Chilean company are evaluating alternatives to partner with a local firm. The goal is to be able to settle in Mexico so as to take advantage of the growing demand for tilapia from the United States, which is the largest importing market of this product.

AquaChile has been involved in tilapia farming and trading business since 2005, through Grupo ACI SA, which operates a production plant in Costa Rica. In addition, the firm has three permits for the this fish farming in Panama.

Tilapia accounted for 8 per cent of AquaChile's revenue in 2015.

In its latest annual report, the company indicated that through its subsidiary Grupo ACI, it is one of the largest tilapia producers in Central America, the largest producer in Costa Rica, and one of the main suppliers of fresh tilapia to the United States with a market share close to 20 per cent.

Grupo ACI tilapia harvests in Costa Rica and Panama during 2015 reached 17,990 tonnes WFE.

The United States imports most of the fresh tilapia from Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras, while much of the supply of the frozen products comes from China and other Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Indonesia.

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