Fishing firm faces USD 1.6m fine for dumping oil into sea
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Pacific Breeze tuna vesssel (Photo: Pacific Breeze Fisheries)AMERICAN SAMOAWednesday, November 02, 2016,02:10 (GMT +

Pacific Breeze tuna vesssel. (Photo: Pacific Breeze Fisheries)


Wednesday, November 02, 2016, 02:10 (GMT + 9)


An American tuna fishing company has been convicted for illegally discharging oil into the South Pacific and maintaining false records and made to pay a USD 1.6 million fine.

The sued firm, Pacific Breeze Fisheries LLC, is the owner of purse seiner F/V Pacific Breeze, the vessel that is responsible for the illegal oil discharges, StarAdvertiser reported.

Under the plea agreement with a US District Court Judge, the company will also have to face a USD 400,000 community service payment for use in the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.

According to Court documents, Pacific Breeze Fisheries admitted its engineers failed to document illegal dumping of oily bilge water into waters of American Samoa without the use of pollution prevention equipment.

Furthermore, the Coast Guard said the company also confessed that senior engineers regularly failed to accurately record the transfer and disposal of oil waste in the vessel record book.

Meanwhile, Jeon Seon Han, former F/V Pacific Breeze chief engineer, pleaded guilty at Honolulu federal court for his role in obstructing a vessel inspection in American Samoa in 2015.

Han admitted lying to Coast Guard inspectors about the sludge disposal and to ordering the disassembly of an illegal discharge system before the inspection.

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