Small-scale aquaculture improves the lives of farmers
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MYANMARMonday, January 08, 2018Research by the Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) shows that job creat


Monday, January 08, 2018

Research by the Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) shows that job creation potential in aquaculture creates is about twice as strong per acre as for paddy farming. It can also generate higher incomes than almost any other form of agriculture. And as incomes rise in Myanmar, consumption of fish—a nutritious source of micronutrients and protein—will rise, particularly consumption of farmed fish.

However, thus far many of the 200,000 or so small-scale fish farmers  in Myanmar, have missed out on these benefits. Many have limited technical knowledge of aquaculture and poor access to quality seed, which results in low yields. In addition, government regulations prevent the conversion of paddy land to aquaculture and insecure land tenure dissuades households from renting privately-owned land to build more fish ponds.

Working to develop small-scale aquaculture, and realize the sector’s potential to create jobs and boost the health and incomes of the poor, is the focus of the LIFT - funded Promoting the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Myanmar (MYFC) project (2015–2018) led by WorldFish. By 2018, the project aims to directly engage 5000 households from 77 villages in fish production, which will indirectly benefit another 5000 households through exposure to knowledge sharing and learning.

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