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Ducktrap River of Maine will take over a shuttered manufacturing facility it bought to increase itsUNITED STATESTh

Ducktrap River of Maine will take over a shuttered manufacturing facility it bought to increase its

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Thursday, August 03, 2017, 22:40 (GMT + 9)


Smoked salmon and seafood producer Ducktrap River of Maine is investing USD 5 million to expand its Belfast facility, Maine, in order to meet increased national demand for its products.

The company, owned by Norwegian seafood company Marine Harvest ASA, plans to take over a shuttered factory it bought to turn it into a plant to producecold-smoked salmon, Bangor Daily News reported.

Currently, smoked salmon make up about 75 per cent of the sales of Ducktrap River of Maine and its general manager Don Cynewski expects the new facility to handle about 35-40 per cent of the company’s workload. 

"With the initial buildout we'll have the ability to double production capacity," he said, adding that the company will expand in stages. 

The idea is to first build out 26,000 square feet of processing space and use another 10,000 square feet as office space. The remaining 14,000 square feet will be for future expansion, Mainebitz reported.

This expansion comes about four years after the company invested about USD 4.5 million to build a 21,000-square-foot addition to its existing building in the business park. 

At the time, that expansion doubled production and processing capacity and replaced its refrigeration/heating system with a more energy efficient unit. 

The company hopes to start construction in September and have the new facility up and running by February.

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