Mussel trap rafts double in Galicia under PDO
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Mussel farming trap rafts (Photo: Xunta de Galicia)SPAINSaturday, November 12, 2016,02:00 (GMT + 9)The DOP Mexillo

Mussel farming trap rafts. (Photo: Xunta de Galicia)


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Saturday, November 12, 2016, 02:00 (GMT + 9) 


The DOP Mexillon de Galicia has strengthened after the operators’ regularization process launched by the Plenary of the Regulatory Council, and proof of this is that the number of trap rafts has doubled covered by the protected designation of origin.

In addition, this process has made it possible to registrate five new marketers and nine processing companies, according to the Mussel Regulatory Council of Galicia.

According to this entity, out of the 2,109 trap rafts covered by the PDO, 1,075 were incorporated as part of the regularization.

By the end of 2015, the number of trap rafts covered by the PDO was equivalent to 34 per cent of the total of Galicia whereas now that percentage would be a figure close to 63 per cent.

Regarding production volume, out of the 264,000 tonnes of 2015, 86,267 were certified in port by the PDO Mexillón de Galicia, a percentage that was equivalent to 31 per cent of the total. In addition, out of the 105,449 tonnes intended for processing, the registered trap rafts in the PDO provided 61,667 tonnes, 58 per cent of the total.

In the opinion of the Regulatory Board, "these registrations are very likely to be exceeded by the end of this year, thus ensuring the demand from cleansing and transformation centres that are committed to compete with a product protected by a seal that guarantees its quality and origin".

To the Council, these figures are very satisfactory and with them, one of the most ambitious actions developed by the Plenary of the PDO during this mandate, aimed at achieving a closer, stronger and with a greater projection of the future.

Before starting the regularization, the PDO had already registered the incorporation of several operators. The sum of those and of those that will now be integrated will allow Mexillon de Galicia to significantly increase the representativeness it already had in the sector.

Furthermore, the enrolment of new cleansing centres and processing firms in the PDO will also imply a very significant increase in the presence of certified products on the market. And this will help to reinforce the PDO image as guarantor of a unique and different product.

The Regulatory Council also announced its intention to redouble its efforts to enforce the labeling regulations, putting in place the necessary measures in all cases that try to take advantage of the benefits of the geographical mention that, by law, only mussels Protected by the brand Mexillon de Galicia can use. 

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