No evidence justifying anchovy season suspension, according to PRODUCE
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Anchovy capture (Photo: Produce)No evidence justifying anchovy season suspension, according to PRODUCEPERUFriday, Dec

Anchovy capture. (Photo: Produce)

No evidence justifying anchovy season suspension, according to PRODUCE

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Friday, December 15, 2017, 02:30 (GMT + 9)


The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) argues that "to date, there is no scientific and technical evidence to justify the need to suspend the second anchovy fishing season in the northern-central area of ​​the country."

The Ministry reported that, in view of the evolution of the current environmental conditions that are typical at this time, and in order to evaluate the current distribution of the resource, Instituto del Mar del ​​Peru(IMARPE) was authorized to carry out an exploration operation (Eureka LXXI) as of December 26.

In addition, it decided to maintain the suspension of the anchovy capture activities established by Ministerial Resolution No. 573-2017-PRODUCE, until the IMARPE recommends its restart based on the results of said operation.

Operation Eureka LXXI will be carried out in the limited area between parallels 4° 45' South Latitude and 15°21' South Latitude and from 5 to 100 miles off the coast, for a period of four days, with the participation of fishing vessels.

The final objective of this measure is to ensure that environmental conditions are favourable to the regrouping of the resource and that a larger group of specimens enter the adult sizes.

It should be recalled that PRODUCE authorized the start of the second anchovy fishing season in the northern central region of the country as of November 27, with a maximum catch limit of 1.49 million tonnes.

In order to have up-to-date information on the distribution of the anchovy, the size structure and the incidences of other species, it also authorized exploratory fishing between November 23 and 26. The capture of a high percentage of juveniles in this exploratory fishery led fishery authorities to implement a protection ban on the juvenile anchovy between the extreme north of Peru and the 12th South Latitude and between 5 and 30 miles from the coast.

"The Ministry will remain alert to the evolution of environmental conditions and the resource in order to guarantee the restart of productive activities as regards the resource, its environmental setting and ensure the sustainable development of the productive activities associated with anchovy," this entity stressed.

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