Shipowners of Vigo launch 'Fresco y Salvaje' fish brand
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Fish brand & 39;Fresco y Salvaje& 39; presentation (Photo: OPPF-4)Shipowners of Vigo launch & 39;Fresco y Salvaje& 3

Fish brand 'Fresco y Salvaje' presentation. (Photo: OPPF-4)

Shipowners of Vigo launch 'Fresco y Salvaje' fish brand

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Friday, December 15, 2017, 22:10 (GMT + 9)


The Organization of Producers of Fresh Fishing of the Port of Vigo (OPPF-4), in collaboration with the Galician company specialized in fishing issues Sinerxia Plus, has begun to present the new fish brand "Fresco y Salvaje” (Fresh and Wild), which it intends to start up, to the shipowners forming part of the organisation.

The project is part of the action strategy designed in the commercialization plan of OPPF-4, and has had the support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (FEMP) and Xunta de Galicia.

The initiative arises from a previous study in which the shipowners detected that one of the aspects that is the most valued by consumers when buying fish, was to be able to clearly differentiate wild fish from farmed fish or aquaculture, far above other seals or brands. As a result of this study, OPPF-4 considered it necessary to promote consumer information on wild fish and its origin, as well as fishing gear, among other things.

As a result of this work, since 2015, the brand has been developed and it was presented this week at the offices of OPPF-4 in the port of Vigo. Representatives of OPPF-4 itself as its director, Jose Antonio Suárez Llanos, its deputy manager, Edelmiro Ulloa, and the director of Innovation, Jorge Romón Olea, as well as the director of Sinerxia Plus, Iván Vaqueiro and its fisheries manager, Antía Lourido attended the ceremony.

In this way, and with the objective of differentiating wild fish from aquaculture fish, "Fresco y Salvaje" will try to differentiate and value wild fish before the final consumer. To belong to this brand, which at the beginning would be integrated by OPPF4 shipowners, but which is open to the entire national territory, only three requirements must be met:

a. It must be wild fish, that is to say, free fish from the sea, not farmed or raised in fish farms.
b. It must be fished by purse-seine, longline, trawl or small-size gear.
c. The fish must not have undergone any freezing process and its conservation must not have been below 0 ºC.

To this end, from 2018 OPPF4 will start to implement this seal through a chain of custody system from fishing until the arrival at the point of sale, to ensure the consumer that the fish that is purchased is really wild fish.

From Sinerxia Plus, a company that has developed the quality brand, it stands out that it is a brand widely distributed throughout Spain.

Sinerxia fishing manager Antía Lourido pointed out that consumers will also be able to have a wide range of information about all the species integrated in the brand, their properties and even geolocalize where they are fished. In addition, it will be able to get to know several nutritional and gastronomic tips through web and Fresco y Salvaje App available for smartphones and tablets.


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