Sanford to update Auckland fish market
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Auckland Fish Market (Photo: Auckland Fish Market)NEW ZEALANDTuesday, December 19, 2017,02:00 (GMT + 9)Fishing comp

Auckland Fish Market. (Photo: Auckland Fish Market)


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Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 02:00 (GMT + 9)


Fishing company Sanford is "gutting and rebuilding" its fish market in an attempt to strengthen its position in Auckland's growing waterfront.

The firm’s representatives pointed out that its refurbished fish market, located on Jellicoe St in Wynyard Quarter, would be a gateway connecting the next generation of seafood consumers with the seafood industry, Stuff reported.

"We want it to be interactive with the younger people of this country. It's all good and well talking to middle-aged New Zealand but we are really focused on the next generation," said Sanford chief customer officer Andre Gargiulo.

The officer stressed that for a long time they have had a platform but it was not necessarily a great one, adding that they see this as a gateway between themselves and the general public, as well as the seafood industry.

“The fish market had provided fish to Aucklanders since the mid 1920s, and this would be a vital makeover for the site,” commented Gargiulo.

In this regard, he said the new design would create an experience that was as educational as it was hospitality-based and it would have a strong visual focus.

The initiative reflects their ambition to create and display direct live feeds to fishing boats to connect market-goers to the boats and to the fish.

Gargiulo said that they based their project on the fact that globally fish markets in Japan, the United States and Australia had become major tourist attractions for seaside cities.

"That's our ultimate goal, to become a destination that Aucklanders are proud of and showcase our seafood industry," he concluded.

The market is expected to reopen in late 2018. 

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