Japan’s pole-and-line tuna fishery enters MSC assessment
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Skipjack tuna (Photo: IPNLF)JAPANTuesday, December 19, 2017,23:30 (GMT + 9)Ishihara Marine Products Co Ltd has ent

Skipjack tuna. (Photo: IPNLF)


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Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 23:30 (GMT + 9)


Ishihara Marine Products Co. Ltd. has entered its pole-and-line skipjack and albacore tuna fisheries for assessment against the MSC Fisheries Standard. This company caught 1,780 metric tonnes of skipjack and albacore tuna in 2016.

This assessment will be carried out by independent assessment body ME Certification Ltd, a Control Union company. 

The fishery is assessed against the three core principles of the MSC Standard: stock health, impact on the marine environment and management of the fishery. 

Ishihara Marine Products Co., Ltd. was established in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1964, and has supplied fresh and processed tuna to the market for over half a century. While devoting itself to expanding its business by creating new fishery products, Ishihara has also committed to be environmentally friendly and make a social contribution. 

Ishihara Fishery Executive officer, Mr. Katsuhiko Yoshinaga says: “We have continued using the pole-and-line technique in the skipjack and albacore tuna fishery since its establishment. In response to demand for environmentally friendly products, we decided to aim for MSC certification. If our fisheries are certified, we will be proud to market our tuna products as MSC certified. We’re happy to be taking this first step on a new journey.” 

For his part, MSC’s Program Director Japan Kozo Ishii stresses: “I am truly delighted that Ishihara’s pole-and-line tuna fishery has entered assessment against the MSC Fisheries Standard. Japanese demand for sustainable marine products has been increasing. With the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, this trend will continue. I hope that this fishery will achieve MSC certification and start supplying its skipjack and albacore tuna with blue MSC label. This will lead the further rise of Japanese consumers' awareness of sustainable seafood and help us protect Japan’s rich marine resources for future generations.” 

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