Nominations Open for 2018 Seafood Champion Awards
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UNITED STATESTuesday, November 14, 2017SeaWebannounced on November the 13th of 2017 the opening of nominations for


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SeaWeb announced on November the 13th of 2017 the opening of nominations for the 2018 Seafood Champion Awards.

First presented in 2006, the Seafood Champion Awards annually recognize leadership in promoting environmentally and socially responsible seafood. Nominations are encouraged on behalf of individuals or organizations whose accomplishments demonstrate outstanding commitment to advancing seafood sustainability in the fishing, aquaculture, supply chain, retail, and restaurant or foodservice sectors, as well as conservation, science, academia and the media. Nominations will close at 11:59 EST on January 9, 2018.

The 2018 nominations were opened by SeaWeb president Mark Spalding, who highlighted the value of the Seafood Champion Awards in his remarks: "The future of humankind is linked to the future of the ocean. The well-managed fisheries and farms we are building today will provide an enormous benefit in quality of life tomorrow. The Seafood Champion Awards celebrate the people and organizations who are working for that future. I urge everyone with a sustainability success story to submit a nomination."

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