Forest fires have not affected shellfish banks in Galicia
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Aerial view of raft polygon area for mussel farming (Photo:CSIC)SPAINTuesday, October 31, 2017,01:50 (GMT + 9)Afte

Aerial view of raft polygon area for mussel farming. (Photo:CSIC)


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Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 01:50 (GMT + 9)


After almost two weeks of ocular inspections, the Xunta de Galicia did not find involvement in the shellfish banks as a consequence of the forest fires for the time being.

The Coast Guard Service of the Secretariat of Marine Affairs remains alert and will continue to monitor the areas susceptible to damage to its shellfish banks, close to burnt hills, in order to prevent landslides, landslides or alteration of river courses in the next days. In this work, the technical assistance of the fishermen's associations is offering collaboration.

In addition, once the map of the area affected by the fire is available, the Technological Institute for the Control of the Marine Environment (INTECMAR) will launch the geographic information system to prioritize the corrective actions that must be implemented.

All these actions are framed within the coordination working group of post-fire actions, convened by the Secretariat of Rural Affairs and which, in addition to Rural and Sea Secretariat, has been joined by the Secretariat of Environment and Culture, Education and University Planning, through the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

In order to be prepared and respond quickly and smoothly to what may happen, the Secretariat of Marine Affairs makes available EUR 1 million to repair damage caused to shellfish banks derived from fires. The beneficiaries will be associations, organizations of producers, associations of professionals of the sector, cooperatives or organizations constituted by producers of base that manage or have approved shellfish capture plans.

This call for aid will be implemented at the moment in which there is evidence of damages. In this case, and after proving that the damage occurred as a result of the fires, the Secretariat will issue a resolution in which it declares the affected shellfish banks. That resolution will be published in the DOG and from there a period of one month is established for the presentation of applications.

Thus, if there is an affectation, the costs involved in cleaning, regeneration, recovery and conditioning of the shellfish banks, acquisition or rental of machinery, tools and auxiliary elements to carry out the tasks will be eligible expenses. Also the purchase of seed and sand destined to the shellfish banks and the payment to the members of the beneficiary entities for the tasks of cleaning, regeneration, recovery and conditioning of shellfish banks.

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