BioMar incorporates high-tech vessel to ship fish feed
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The MS Nyksund set sail on Friday towards Karmøy, Norway (Photo: BioMar)NORWAYThursday, October 12, 2017,00:

The MS Nyksund set sail on Friday towards Karmøy, Norway. (Photo: BioMar)


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Thursday, October 12, 2017, 00:40 (GMT + 9)


High-performance feed supplier BioMar will have a new, highly environmentally friendly vessel in two weeks’ time, owned and operated by NSK Shipping AS.

The new high-tech vessel for shipping fish feed, called MS Nyksund, forms part of the updating process of BioMar’s shipments of fish feed.

“The MS Nyksund left port last Friday headed for Norway. Estimated sailing time to BioMar’s facility at Karmøy is approximately two weeks,” stressed Mats Nygaard Johnsen, CEO of NSK Shipping AS.

For his part, Tore Gunnar Wikdal, COO of BioMar Norway explained that the original plan was that the ship would be delivered in time for this year’s high season and that the delays at the shipyard offered a few fairly challenging months.

“The MS Nyksund’s slightly smaller sister ship, the MS Høydal, which was delivered some years ago, equipped us with some entirely new solutions for delivering feed in bulk. What’s more, the vessel was the first gas-powered ship of its type, making an important contribution to BioMar’s sustainability program,” recalled Wikdal.

The executive pointed out that this new ship complements well with BioMar’s existing fleet of feed carriers.

The new ship is a high-tech vessel fitted with leading-edge equipment throughout and offers a cargo capacity of 2700 tonnes of fish feed. It runs on an environmentally friendly LNG-powered engine delivered by Rolls-Royce.

The vessel is also fitted with fish feed handling equipment that is both efficient and gentle on the feed, while having larger and more powerful thrusters and a DP system for optimum maneuverability.

The ship was designed in collaboration with ship designers NSK Ship Design and measures 81.5 m in length.

“Our objective throughout has been to create an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that will meet the requirements of BioMar and their customers”, concluded Mats Nygaard Johnsen. 

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