Rio Negro to suspend new industrial fishing permit granting
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Vessel fishing in the gulf of San Matias, Rio Negro (Photo: FVSA)ARGENTINAThursday, October 05, 2017,00:40 (GMT +

Vessel fishing in the gulf of San Matias, Rio Negro. (Photo: FVSA)


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Thursday, October 05, 2017, 00:40 (GMT + 9)


The Government of Río Negro and representatives of the fishing sector reached an agreement that will unlock the situation generated by the fishermen's claim. After two meetings in the town of Viedma, it was decided that the granting of new industrial fishing permits would be cancelled until 2020.

The agreement reached will be expressed in a regulation that will be drafted in the coming days, where it will be established that only the replacement of boats will be allowed by others of similar characteristics, which implies an improvement, both in the product quality management conditions as well as in the workers’ accommodation conditions on board. In addition, the limits of 1,500 boxes of hold capacity and 800 HP of power, specifications already in force in the provincial fishing legislation, will always be respected.

If the boat is replaced, it must leave the provincial ports within five days. These new vessels will have to remain in the different provincial fisheries for a minimum of four years and carry out ten fishing trips aimed at species other than shrimp, within the calendar year, according to the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGyP).

In the case of fishing permits, they shall be suitable for vessels which do not have authorization for the shrimp species (Pleoticus muelleri), with the exception of the vessel Estefani, whose permit will continue to be for different species.

Vessels fishing and not having a processing plant must settle an agreement with one of the industries installed, which guarantees the processing in the province of all catches.

The agreement also clarifies that the Shrimp Management Plan will be issued soon, which includes measures such as prohibiting night fishing, setting a maximum of 18 kilograms of shrimp per box and a maximum rope of the fishing gear of 96 feet.

The Maritime Fisheries Advisory Commission will be the area where the possibility of granting new fishing permits, in particular for species other than shrimp, will be discussed.

Finally, it was agreed not to approve new fishery projects, with the exception of three that are in process and belong to small family processing plants that have already been installed.

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