DHC fisheries exports could generate USD 1.1 billion in 2017
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SNI president Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre is worried about the future of anchovy (Photo: Stockfile FIS)PERUTuesday,

SNI president Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre is worried about the future of anchovy. (Photo: Stockfile/FIS)


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Tuesday, August 01, 2017, 02:30 (GMT + 9)


Fishing for human consumption has experienced a marked recovery this year and could reach export levels in 2014, when its sales abroad amounted to USD 1.1 billion.

This was stated by president of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI) Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre, who recalled that last year, exports of these products generated USD 908 million in income, and said there is an obvious improvement after the lost 2011 - 2016 period.

"The current government began to give signals that favoured the dynamization of the sector and produced favorable expectations," he said in statements quoted by the newspaper Gestión.

However, he warned that it should be taken into account that anchovy catches will not be able to increase in the coming years, since they are at the highest sustainable level.

In that sense, he said that if the government wants to maintain the growth of the sector, it will have to be based on fishing for human consumption and aquaculture.

On the other hand, Miranda Eyzaguirre demanded a serious support from the formal industrialists and the total eradication of illegal plants.

He also stressed that aquaculture must be just as successful as agribusiness, "which requires treating it equally and not postponing it as it has happened since 2013".

Regarding the situation of frozen, preserved and smoked product plants, the business leader said that this item should receive from the government the support in research and development that allows them to diversify and improve their productivity.

"We could reach 2021 with a growing fishing and aquaculture sector, new generations adequately fed, more than 350,000 new formal jobs for Peruvians and artisanal fishing in the consolidation process," concluded the SNI executive.

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