Canned fish and seafood for over EUR 378 million exported until May
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The Spanish cannery industry continues to gain market (Photo: Anfaco FIS)SPAINFriday, July 28, 2017,22:50 (GMT

The Spanish cannery industry continues to gain market. (Photo: Anfaco / FIS)


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Friday, July 28, 2017, 22:50 (GMT + 9)


During the first five months of this year, exports of preserves, semi-preserves and seafood preparations experienced an increase of almost 13 per cent in volume and 21 per cent in value, ANFACO-CECOPESCA reported.

According to data released by the canning association, between January and May, Spain exported 83,172 tonnes of these products worth more than EUR 378 million.

Last year, the preserves, semi-preserves and preparations of fish and seafood accounted for more than 22 per cent of all the value of Spanish seafood traded abroad.

Spain is a worldwide reference in the variety of preparations of these products internationally traded, including those of tuna, cuttlefish and squid, mussel, sardine, mackerel and anchovy, among others.

The member countries of the European Union are the first buyers of these products, although ANFACO-CECOPESCA emphasizes that the Spanish preserves and preparations of fish and seafood are present in all the continents.

In the first five months of this year, the sector has once again increased its sales abroad, and expects in the short term that its exports cover 50 per cent of its production.

Canned tuna are the main product traded worldwide, with a total volume exported from January to May 2017, of 49,089 tonnes for almost EUR 244 million, representing a volume increase of 16 per cent and a value growth of 27 per cent compared to 2016. The main purchasers of canned Spanish tuna are Italy, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

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