DMR shows off new oyster aquaculture project
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DMR shows off new oyster aquaculture projectUNITED STATESSaturday, June 17, 2017XGULFPORT, MS -At the pier behind

 DMR shows off new oyster aquaculture project

Saturday, June 17, 2017

XGULFPORT, MS - At the pier behind the parking garage at the Port of Gulfport, the Department of Marine Resources is growing baby oysters.

They're doing so by adding eight million or more oyster larvae to large tanks filled with oyster shells. After bringing life to them in a controlled environment, the oysters will be transported to public reefs with restoration.

“This is a great start. Obviously, we wanted something we can manage. We think the capacity we have here is something we can carry on through this year with the idea the footprint of this would grow much larger,” said Jamie Miller, DMR executive director.

Source: WLOX

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