Dobroflot adds new integrated satellite application onshore and at sea
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Orange will provide all the necessary equipment, installation and maintenance services (Photo: Stock File FIS)RUSSIA

Orange will provide all the necessary equipment, installation and maintenance services. (Photo: Stock File/FIS)


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Wednesday, April 05, 2017, 23:40 (GMT + 9)


Russian fishing fleet operator Dobroflot Corporate Group has decided to connect its 14 vessels and onshore operations through a fully-managed maritime satellite solution. 

The firm’s representatives explained that the solution, offered by Orange Business Services, makes it possible to access business-critical applications onboard, wherever the vessels are located. 

Another advantage the system offers is the opportunity to provide crews with a full range of ship-to-shore communications and entertainment services, allowing for more comfortable working conditions during the long periods at sea.

Dobroflot’s board pointed out the fully-managed solution gives the fleet access to corporate applications for seamless work onboard.

Along with the VSAT-based network, which offers a guaranteed speed of 2 Mbit/s, Orange provides all the necessary equipment, installation and maintenance services.

The complete solution also incorporates voice communications and traffic optimization, all delivered within a single contract for a simplified, fixed monthly payment.

“Harvesting and processing fish during long periods at sea is tough work, and modern ICT technologies can help the entire crew stay connected. Another of our main goals was to introduce new communication technologies on our vessels, and we wanted an out-of-the-box communication solution with a predictable budget. Our partner Orange Business Services has offered us just that,” said Yuri Badodin, Technical Director, Dobroflot Corporate Group.

For his part, Richard Van Wageningen, senior vice president, Indirect, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Orange Business Services, stressed that his company has connected hundreds of vessels all around the world with satellite services, stating this is their first fully-managed maritime VSAT solution in Russia.

“As a leader in the fishing industry, Dobroflot Corporate Group understands just how crucial it is to have reliable connectivity. We are certain that our solution will help with the digital transformation of its business, introducing them to new opportunities for work at sea,” the entrepreneur concluded.

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