Government proposes plan to resolve fishermen's strike
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Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Þorgerður Kartín Gunnarsdóttir (Photo: Govt of Iceland

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Þorgerður Kartín Gunnarsdóttir. (Photo: Govt. of Iceland/FIS)

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Friday, February 17, 2017, 02:30 (GMT + 9)


Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Þorgerður Kartín Gunnarsdóttir met with negotiating committees of Icelandic fishermen and representatives of fisheries after a full day of negotiations.

Icelandic fishermen have been on strike for about two months for various labour claims, and keep on asking for a tax discount on daily allowances for food, among other issues.

“I suggested, among other things, a comprehensive approach and analysis, and that we would quickly start looking at daily allowances for food and expenditures in the general labour market with regard to tax incentives,” the minister said, RUV informed.

The official expressed her hopes that the conflict would soon be solved, as in three or four weeks the capelin season starts, so the stakes are high.

Meanwhile, the strike has had a big impact on the United Kingdom fisheries sector.

In the seaport of Grimsby, England’s largest fish market, the worries are deep as people have been laid off, importers are losing money and prices are expected to rise considerably.

MEP Melanie Onn, representing Grimsby, has written a letter to Britain’s minister of fisheries asking him to put pressure on the Icelandic government to solve the dispute.

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