2014 Shenzhen International Fisheries & Seafood Expo
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FSE China · Shenzhen2014 Shenzhen International Fisheries & Seafood ExpoShow time : April 17 -19, 2014Venue: Shen

FSE China · Shenzhen
2014 Shenzhen International Fisheries & Seafood Expo
Show time : April 17 -19, 2014 
Venue:  Shenzhen China-Asia Convention and Exhibition Center 
Shenzhen Aquatic Products Industry Association
Operating Unit :
Shanghai Yasen Exhibition Service Ltd.,co
Supporter :
Guangdong Aquatic Products Processing & Marketing Association  
Hainan Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association
Shandong Fishery Association  
Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industries Association  
Guangdong Aquatic Products Chamber of Commerce
Asia-Pacific Fisheries Trade Association   
Malaysia Society of Fisheries
FSE2014 – A seafood gourmet party and a great platform of business opportunities 
FSE2014 – A professional and international exhibition of highest quality of seafood 
FSE2014 – Join in FSE2014 to consolidate the brands’ position domestically and internationally, and to look for agencies and franchises 
FSE2014 – Gathers the famous gourmet internationally and famous aquatic products brands 
 [Seafood gala, gathers international brands, focuses on high-ended transactions]
 Shenzhen, an important international freight hub and foreign trade port, with across the water, there is an international metropolis, Hongkong. It connects South China Sea and Pacific Ocean through its vast water area. Shenzhen has become an important production and marketing base of aquatic products in south china. It gathers all aquatic products from Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other coastal areas, including overseas countries from south-east Asia, Australia. The radiation of its customers covers from south china to the whole country, and even re-exports to Hongkong, therefore, it is a very important supply base of aquatic products in south china. Such a huge market, it strongly attracts the international investors’ attention. Domestic and foreign exhibitors and professionals are fully aware of the city’s unique function as business development platform, and hope to find their business partners through the exhibition. 
Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exposition will provide the best quality of service to the exhibitors and visitor; create an aquatic industry exhibition with strong international competitive power. The exhibition covers aquatic products and its processing, refrigeration equipment of aquatic products and other fields. By then, the exhibition will present a world leading gourmet culture, which is green, safe, fashion,…. We forecast that there will be tens of thousands of buyers from inside and outside china coming when the exhibition carries out. 


※ Selection of the most trustable fishery brands among Chinese consumers   
※ Domestic aquatic products promotion and procurement matchmaking fair
※ Procurement fair for overseas buyers                 
※ Series purchasing fair for hotels and malls 
※ Communicating session of supply chain for group meal                       
※ A bite of seafood selection  
Media Supporters 
21 Food & Beverage Online、 China Aquatic Network、 China International Aquatic Network、 China Aquiculture Network、 Jiaodong Aquatic、 Food Sources、 Chinese Fisheries Economics、 China's aquatic channel、 China fishing business union、 INFOYU、 Info Fish International、 Aquaculture Asia、《Seafood Today》、《Infofish》、《Super Market》、《Seafood International》、《Quick Frozen Foods International》
Scope of exhibits

1、Aquatic products processing: 
Frozen and fresh seafood products, Dried goods, Alive goods; Caviars; Canned fish  goods, Air-adjusted fresh-keeping products; Seafood flavored ingrediants, etc.
2、Aquatic product fishing, high valued products aquaculture.  
3、Fishery equipment: 
Refined and deep processing equipment; Fresh-preservation technology & Equipments for seafood; Marine freight and storage; Navigation and communication technologies and equipments; Equipment for aquaculture; Detection equipment for aquatic products, etc.
4、Feed and Drugs: 
Quality feed for aquaculture products, feed machinery, various of harmless feed additives, permitted fishery drugs, etc.
5、Fishing boats and equipments: 
Fishing tackles; Navigation and communication technologies and equipments; Marine products industry cooperation;
6、Breeding cages; blocking facilities; variety of pond pumps for aquaculture; aquatic seedlings.
7、Aquaculture automation equipments and instruments; Heating and temperature-control  equipments; Water purify and disinfect system; 
8、Water decontamination and disinfection systems; Water examination and analytical instruments; Oxygen-increasing system;
★ Standard Booths (3m*3m=9 m²) (Two sides open: 20% charged additionally/booth )
Overseas company: USD 2600/9m²
★Indoor raw space: Management fee of RMB 18/ m² will be charged additionally
Overseas company USD 260/m²
★Booth Package: Each standard booth (9 m²) is provided with 3-sided partitions, carpet, 1 desk and 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, one 220V power socket. The raw space is required to be rented with minimum 36sq.m., only supplied with a show space, 24-hour cleaning and security services, excluding booth frames, and show equipment, etc.
Six features and trends of FSE2014 
The most professional seafood gala:FSE2014 provides a professional platform for the theme of “Brands Gourmet “. 
Numerous dealers and distributors participated:FSE2014 gathers also many famous fishery companies; some of them released the new products with their marketing. It attracts a lot of agents for new business cooperation. 
Strong lineup of hotels, restaurants and malls:  There are visitors and buyers invited from:Metro、Ren Ren Le、Trust-Mart,JUSCOSam’s Club, AuchamCarrefourWalMart、VANGUARD、OLE、Rainbow、7-11,ect. 
Business talks with global buyersFocuses on international communication and cooperation, business contact with people from Aucham Global purchasing center, Italian Agricola Sterpo ,Agroittca Lombarda Spa ,American Seafood Group, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute、Norway Aker Seafoods ASA AS、Andenesfish AS,WAL-MART,Australian  K-MART,Italian  BESTI ,MODA from Hongkong ,Taiwan YA LIENES ,IMA from Malaysia and so on.
Shenzhen’s diversification of catering culture with strong compatibility: As the neighbor of Hongkong, Shenzhen has very developed entertainment business, there are more than 1000 bars, about 48.57% local people are used to have night life in clubs and bars. Domestic and international seafood with different quality are all very welcomed in this city.  
Huge procurement groups Wal-Mart global procurement centre was established in Shenzhen in 2002 as well as it’s china headquarters, besides,  there are also famous supermarket such as Carrefour, Vanguard, Rainbow Department Store, Ren Ren Le,etc. More than 30,000 restaurants, 1000 bars, 170 hotels are gathered in Shenzhen, including 68 international hotels such as InterContinental, Sheraton, Marriot, Accor, Hyatt, Kempinski and other the most famous hotel groups.   
Information sharing 
*Written invitations sent to the 200,000 buyers, timely release exhibition trends.  
*300,000 voice invitations through call center database, message reminder non-stop working in Shenzhen commercial areas.  
*Full range of publicity and promotion with 200 shopping malls,100 international *Commercial Departments,50 print-medias,10 televition channels,5 broadcast. 
*Actual procurement live report by 20 websites 
Cooperation & Communication 
Commerce matching:There are special platform for core buyers, special introductions for overseas products agency, platform for the procurement and suppliers face-to-face communication.  
Fishery party: It attracts industrial leaders, representatives of exhibitors, group buyers, customers all in Shenzhan. 
Release of new products:There is dynamic interpretation, products demonstration, company promotion and so on.
Business meetings:There is networking reception, business seminars, product ordering, build multiple communication space.
For Exhibitors
1. Provide free public liabilities insurance, 24-hour cleaning and security services; 
2. Provide free company introduction (about 200 words) on the magazine for the exhibitors.  
3. Provide transportation and logistics, furniture leasing, hotels booking and so on based on its own cost. 
4. Select the most welcomed products awards, the winner will have the prize and the certificate. 
5.FSE2014 will organize several technical seminars, product promotion conference, etc. any exhibitor is welcomed to apply for participation. The cost is RMB 6000 per 2hours. 
For visitors 
1, Exhibition manual will be sent out prior to the exhibition opens and to make the visit more fruitful. 
2, Entry with the return receipt of registration, a magazine with value of RMB 50 and free lunch are provided.    
3, Interested exhibitor can be invited for the participation of seminars, experience communication meetings and fieldwork activities. 
4, Check-in in the nominated hotels in advance can enjoy 40-50% off as discount.
5, Free hotel rooms provided to group buyers as VIP.

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