SNP clarifies its companies are not involved in bad canned fish case
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SNP president Elena Conterno (Photo: Produce)PERUThursday, November 23, 2017,00:20 (GMT + 9)TheNational Fisheries So

SNP president Elena Conterno. (Photo: Produce)


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Thursday, November 23, 2017, 00:20 (GMT + 9)


The National Fisheries Society (SNP) ensures that its associated companies meet the highest quality standards in canned and frozen fish production, and stresses that they are not involved in the recent case of bad products of Chinese origin alerted by the National Fisheries Health Agency (SANIPES).

SNP president Elena Conterno clarified that the fishing association represents the main fishing and aquaculture companies of the country that have the highest quality standards, since the fish leaves a farm or is caught from the sea to its processing in the production plants.

"Throughout this chain the safety and food security of the products that reach consumers is guaranteed in order to comply with Peruvian sanitary norms and that of the most demanding countries in the world," she said.

Conterno called on consumers not to be attracted by products with low prices that could be hiding a health risk.

"In Peru we have first class companies, with brands such as Campomar, Frescomar, Kontiki, Omega Burger, Salacia, Pisces, among others, that offer canned and frozen products in various presentations. They are brands that have the backing of quality products that comply with all standards, protocols and certifications," she stressed.

SNP president also welcomed the fact that the health authority has made an alert so that consumers are informed and the product identified does not reach Peruvian households.

"Trade is welcome, but ensuring the safety of the products and complying with WTO rules as well as formal Peruvian companies do. It is not about completing a procedure, but that companies have a commitment to consumers’ health," she said.

Finally, Conterno indicated that SANIPES challenge is to redouble efforts to better control the products that reach consumers.

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