Shrimp quota cuts expected to have effect on St. Anthony area businesses
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CANADAFriday, October 13, 2017ST ANTHONY, N L - The St Anthony Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the effe


Friday, October 13, 2017

ST. ANTHONY, N.L. - The St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the effect cuts to the northern shrimp quota could have on the local economy.

“These cuts have the potential to be devastating,” says Chamber of Commerce president Desmond McDonald.

For now, McDonald feels it’s hard to determine at this point what the specific effects are going to be. Currently, he says, there is no way of knowing exactly how much income fishers will make or how many hours of work will be available for people in the processing plants.

However, in the event that jobs are lost and many workers may not be getting enough hours for unemployment insurance (EI), McDonald says there wouldn’t be as many dollars going back into the local economy.

Indeed, plant workers may even have to move elsewhere just to find jobs.

Source: The Gulf News

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