Salmon price status at week 40
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Farmed salmon (Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council)NORWAYWednesday, October 11, 2017,21:20 (GMT + 9)Export volumes for

Farmed salmon. (Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council)


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 21:20 (GMT + 9)


Export volumes for week 40 are down 350 tonnes (1.8 per cent) from last week, but are up 703 tonnes (3.8 per cent) from the corresponding week last year, reports Fish Pool ASA.

The Fish Pool Index reports that in the last four weeks salmon prices - Spot Market Prices (for fresh salmon between 3 kg and 6 kg, FCA Oslo) and export volumes were as follows:

Fish Pool forward prices

The forward price reflects the expectations of the Fish Pool's members for the next 24 months. The prices are assessed by contracts made as well as interests to buy or sell at Fish Pool and are indications for information purposes only.


The contracts for the quarter Q1 2018 were traded at NOK 63.75. And 2400 tonnes for the year 2018 were traded at NOK 60.50.

The sales for December 2017 were traded at NOK 64.00.

The seller price for 20 tonnes is firm for December 2017, at NOK 64.00.

The buyer price is firm for the year 2018, at NOK 60.00 versus a firm seller price at NOK 60.50.

The seller price for the period from May to August 2018 is also firm, at NOK 60.15.

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