West Coast Dungeness crab management deal becomes law
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Dungeness crab (Photo: NOAA)UNITED STATESSaturday, August 26, 2017,03:00 (GMT + 9)A decade-old West Coast Dungeness

Dungeness crab. (Photo: NOAA)


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Saturday, August 26, 2017, 03:00 (GMT + 9)


A decade-old West Coast Dungeness crab fishery agreement has been permanently extended through a bipartisan bill that has just become law.

The states of Washington, Oregon, and California cooperatively manage the West Coast crab fishery in federal waters under a tri-state agreement that Congress first authorized in 1998. The bill presented by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, which is now a law fater president Trump's signature, makes that existing authority permanent.

“Today, I join with so many others in our coastal communities to celebrate an important milestone for crab fishermen of Southwest Washington,” Herrera Beutler claimed.

“This commonsense agreement has been a model for sustainable fishery management, and it has now been made permanent. I’m proud to have the president sign into law this bill that will give certainty – vital to the success of any industry – to the crab fishing businesses that support families and livelihoods in Southwest Washington,” she added.

The new law allows fishery managers to coordinate between states to ensure management and conservation goals are achieved in the crab fisheries where populations vary greatly by year depending on food availability and ocean conditions, according to the release.

The Dungeness crab catch tends to peak every 10 years and can fluctuate by tens of millions of pounds between years.

The brand new law is deemed vital for Dungeness crab fishing in Washington state, as this industry brings USD 61 million into the state’s economy annually.

Crab fishermen in the state harvest an average of 9.5 million pounds of crab per year, supporting more than 60,000 maritime jobs. 

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